$FLDM - Fluidigm prices have been under the dly bearish lvl since mid Sept. The dly chart is indicating that its bull / bear line now is at $4.90 level. Your bullish trigger wld be a 3 day stay abv this lvl (Trend would be Lasting Days to weeks). But for now this will remain as next weeks resistance level to beat. We wld need consistent green bars on the hourly lvl that stays above $4.55. This is attainable since we have closed at a higher low today from yesterdays Lwr low. Remember all time frames are connected and follow each other. Therefore an 15min reversal bar at consecutive rallies can make an hrly reversal bar, and with consecutive rallies can also make a dly reversal bar. So strt w/ the lower time frames to indicate that a short term reversal is in place and work with that to confirm that it has also altered the signal at the higher time frame. Regardless of the news, you need to hve a range in place for the wk and for the day. Sell those highs and buy those lows.