$HMBL I've opened up this app daily to see useless azz memes, bear attacks, & supposed supporters of HMBL bash the stock because they didn't get immediate gratification on stock expectations. So I say this, if you have posted any of the above... you're a straight TARD! I've got to call a spade a spade. Honestly, I have $7,300 invested in HMBL and $400 in FORW and yes I am waiting patiently for my ROI as so many others are BUT realistically you thought the price was going to "moon" because of catalysts like the ETX? Everyone who purchased shares, may very well be tapped out, have put in as much as they can afford and/or are willing. Awareness, NASDAQ, and real deep pockets will move this stock in the right direction. Until then STFU, get off this board, or post something useful. If you're offended, then I must be talking about you! Sorry, not sorry!