$GILD Unfortunately for me, Gilead's pricing power was hampered by the NIAID failing to demonstrate a 31% mortality reduction was "statistically significant" at p=0.059 in preliminary analysis, which most people misinterpreted as no mortality benefit. The CEO's justification of price mentions that 12K in hospitalization savings justifies a 3K treatment, but makes sure not to mention a mortality benefit. It remains to be seen whether Gilead would increase the price in response to sufficiently-powered studies crossing the p=0.05 threshold (imo is certain). Given their concern for public opinion it seems unlikely, but shareholders can hope. It's clear that every single drop of remdesivir that is produced will be consumed immediately; there will be shortages for the rest of this pandemic. For profits, now its a game of ramping production as fast as possible, and Gilead's ~1B investment in remdesivir production should pay off many multiples.