$NAKD The power of a positive mindset and the complete faith in one’s ability, through the grace of God, to manifest the immense joy and abundance he so greatly wants us to cherish and appreciate with love and gratitude: I will be preparing an advanced copy of my resignation letter on Sunday with the expectation and knowing that JDR will be dropping merger news on Monday. The share price reached during the anticipated short squeeze will allow me to retire to honor God by fulfilling my promise in this lifetime to help people. Visualize JDR shaking hands with the CEO of the other company, then walking around a desk to sit down and sign papers. They high-five as a group of onlookers in a circle break out in roaring applause and hollering. They pop a bottle of Champagne and make a toast to their newly formed merged companies. Tell yourself this finalizing of the paperwork the attorneys have been fumbling around with is happening this weekend. See the announcement Monday.