$CLVS fuck you and your $7’s average . What a sham ...... so I guess I’m on the side of those who got fucked buying just prior to FDA approval. How the F is average price only $7’s for total shares ? That’s embarrassing given where it’s been in the past. I’m a fool apparently . Won’t post again here cheerleading . I beyond annoyed . That’s how I feel on the same note when manipulation is that obvious and unethical tells me they have to make it up on the other end. We will break thru prior resistance in the high teens in time scam or call it what you will it will happen. Patience pays otherwise we are just as broke as the CEO with his 1 mill shares. He has a Choice and it’s in our favor if he wakes up daily to make more $$$ then I’ll wait it out. If he is a red headed bitch stealing 7mill a year to support his habits on my dime then shame on me . WWS
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