$BNGO From Brysky's posted link below: " Methods: The key methods of this paper are to produce high quality, near-complete genomes that represent the state of the art of genome sequencing and assembly. To do so, the authors combined four different sequencing techniques of third generation sequencing (10x Genomics Illumina, PacBio long read, Bionano optical and HI-C Illumina) to allow a very reliable assembly with low errors. This is achieved by producing long reads (i.e. long fragments sequenced), optical mapping (that allows the physical placing of sequences onto the chromosomes), and chromosome conformation capture (that maps the 3D organization of the chromosome and the sequence in the nucleus). I'm seeing more often now mention of Bionano working in concert with these other's devices to create a more complete picture.... precisely what we were led to believe from Bionano Pr's.
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