$CCL, $RCL and ALL THE PLAGUE/CRUISE SHIPS should be (euphemistically) SUNK IN A CLEANSING BLAZE of GLORY !! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!! " CCL/RCL are f'ing KIDDING ME?!! These are horrible, NON-USA companies which US Taxpayers PAY TO RESCUE with regularity. ESPECIALLY in the last few weeks. Think the government sends them a bill? GUESS AGAIN!! AND who put U.S. personnel in the Coast Guard, Navy, Travis AFD (Where a bunch of passengers were quarantined), the Port of Oakland, where they disembarked, and Bay Area hospitals and inhabitants in MORTAL DANGER! EVERYBODY IS PISSED at the college kids on spring break. WHAT ABOUT THE OLDER 'KIDS' PUTTING EVERYBODY'S LIFE IN DANGER and then expecting the government, and by extension, WE THE TAXPAYERS, to BAIL THEM OUT!!!
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