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    Terry Phillips Joined Aug 08, 2013


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      Marubozu Brothers
      Come join us in our FREE chat room. We post a daily watchlist, day and swing trade ideas and alerts. check us out at Contact us on there if you want us to send you a chat room invitation link.
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      Pattern Day Trader/ Swing Trader. Not into fundamentals unless is to help support a pattern on the chart. Daily-Watch-list Posted on the site
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      Marica Alvarez
      Born into a family of traders technical analysis has become second nature. I trade mostly momentum in combination with potential catalysts. Join my team of professionals today! Live voice chat, 5k+ registered users. We cover it all.
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      Trade based on Technical and Fundamental Analysis, from Scalps & Swing Trades to Long Term. The Key To Becoming A Successful Trader.
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      Chantale Belle
      Hello, I am one of the mods of a chat-room known as Enhanced Investor. I have been trading for about 2 years now! My page will consist of Alerts, Watch-lists, and Recaps! Feel free to come join our 4 week trial using the Web Site Link. :D
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      Kelsey Donnelly
      I am apart of the StockTalk team trying to spread the word and get people involved in our brand new chatroom that is only 10$ a month for our watchlist, 1on1 chat and learn our strategy!
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      We are neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. The information contained on our website, social media. Is just our opinion and what we are ADVERTISING . If you see it and like it start YOUR OWN FULL DD. #Stockmarketcheerleader
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      Enhanced Investor
      Follow Me | 4k to 1.4M through consistent gains trading small caps with algorithms and HFT. Currently working with young talent trading together. Searching for leaders to cooperate with through hard work and dedication.
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      Leave your emotions behind when that bell goes off..All my trades are based on heavy Technical/Fundamental Analysis Low Entry/Patience+HeavyDD Is key to success Stay Consistent GL!! DayTrader/Swing/LongTermInvestor/Commodities
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      Erick M
      Technical swing trader looking to teach others short term strategies, scalping, price action analysis, all through mkt structure & flow. Learn more in my Live Trading Room.Trade at your own risk.
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      The StockDragon Group
      SwingVector 8.0 Vectored PPS Flow Field, Next Session Candle Stick High / Low Range and Trade Action Range Potentials, correlate with Fibonacci and Elliot Wave Forecasts. All PPS Frequency Range Potentials Provide Education and Entertainment Only.
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      Art S
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      Market is hard to trade alone , with noise and distractions ,GTS eliminates this so if you're looking to learn ,share or gain a competitive edge on market awareness , join GTS , its a lifestyle not a sales pitch , try the 5 day trial no strings ! GL
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      Trade Reversal
      23 years studying historical price models. Database Visual Design Pattern analysis models for Hedge funds. Opinions are my own, should not be treated as recommendations or financial advice.
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      Steve Platt/OptionsDayTrader77 Official Account
      Founder/CEO of The #1 Options Trading Community on the web. I text my plays (open/close) live! All my posts are MY opinion. Do your own DD when trading.
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      Bull Institute
      The Bull Institute empowers individuals who want to become traders, learn from the best with video course series about fundamental analysis
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      If you want to make money in this world then grab the bulls by the horns and play the stock market hard like I am. I am here to make money and lots of it. Enjoy life!!
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      WSNewsPublishers focuses on company news, research and analysis, which is ever more important in today’s uncertain investment environment.