$SOS Since people keep bringing up the lawsuits I thought I'd drop some knowledge about the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (PSLRA) for those who don't know how it works. A case gets filed, in this case its Beltran vs. SOS 1:21-cv-07454. But Beltran is just a placeholder. There is then a 30 day window to get a lead plaintiff appointed. It's typically the investor with the greatest loss and they get to pick the law firm to represent the class. That's why we saw so many PRs. The scumbag lawfirms were each trying to find the biggest loser. But that window is closed so we'll see no more. IIRC, 5 different firms moved to have themselves appointed lead on 6/1. The judge will decide who the lead is on 7/6 so we'll probably see a PR drop then. 95% of the time I completely ignore investor class action lawsuits. It was never part of *MY* bear thesis. I'll be kindof watching this one though, as discovery might tell us things $SOS *should* have told us already. We'll see.