$NGA 'sup dudes and dudettes! Hope all is well, and that no one is getting too intimidated by the short interest here 😉 Anyone with half a brain knows: 1- This is a small float; 2- Shorts were bound to smell blood post-Cramer-pump; 3- Merger is in March 2021; 4- Numerous catalysts on their way; 5- Shorts will burn; and 6- So the world turns 🤣 In the meantime, for those who STILL don't understand who is behind this company, please allow me to remind you: POWERCORPORATION OF CANADA has been providing green energy to the whole US North-East since they plugged their first lightbulb. It is a Government-backed blue-chip Canadian company. Canadians are communists guys. This ain't going nowhere, ever 🤣 Here: