$AMC I am not as bullish about a major squeeze happening. Maybe a nice run. But 43 million shares will be given to the hedge funds to continue ripping our asses to shreds. Gamma was looking good before that much is being release. Idk apes some encouragement is needed. At the end of the day still holding period. Just feeling a little down on it.
@PowerDrips @Yourguyry it says nothing in that article about releasing all 43 million shares into the market all at once. I guarantee you they will not release any of these shares into the market until this starts to squeeze. Can you imagine having $1,000 a share and being able to sell 43 million shares that would be huge for AMC or $10,000 a share and be able to sell 43 million shares. You're not going to notice it when this thing send it
@msimon8499 @Yourguyry the seller of the shares can release or sell them whenever and how many ever as long as it is within the law:) not a problem tho they are commissioned sales so obviously they are going to want to release them at a high price