$AAPL here is skill in action helping people make money with skill in real stocks like $AAPL and so much more to understand more make sure to come to my live stream tonight at 9:30pm EST Canada as I explain the facts for people to then $STUDY. This is what I suggest my members do when $AAPL pulled backed on friday nov 22 you can see the time in the charts If you look at the close today and the options where they closed it sure looks like good advice and on top of that we caught the new run from 230 to these new highs in $AAPL just about 2 cents below the new highs of tues nov 19 which once again was done with skill not luck and not guessing and assuming and missing like most have done missing the move at 240 then 25o then 260 as they do not have the skills to catch what can go even higher $STUDY