I have to make the new $AAPL video but my voice is still down I have lead my group on from the 200 break out but on top of that with the jan 17 calls we have had back to back wins >100% with( Jan 17 275 calls ,285 calls ,290 , 295 then 300 then the 305 calls taking us to $AAPL 311 $STUDY the facts but a lot of key info can be found on my youtube channel youtube.com/c/PowerTargetTr... that has shows this to $AAPL 300 no one has done this like as the do not have the skills and undertanding and mindset to do it like I do, I have had back to back gains with such great gains each time with no fear and all the same powerful skill along that go with it shown and explained year after year and all documented as well to help those who are serious for success study and grow. The chart below is the jan 17 305 calls last posted for my group