@ryan73 $7.60 CDN on $VFF.CA is a level.. all stocks have levels.. look on a 5' intraday chart you can see it clearly defined.. But that level was placed by me some time ago due to it's effect on a day chart.. verified intraday.. note the gaps and stalls bottoms and tops on that level intraday. Note friday's opening price. Next level is $8.20 CDN THE WEDGE is where downtrend resistance and uptrend support trend line are coming together.. we are in a near term uptrend and have challenged the downtrend resistance a few days ago and were rejected.. Second time is a charm.. perhaps we break through, that being said.. if we do breakout, it will likely pullback and support again on the uptrend support trend line, kicking it up into a new uptrend. The chart is $VFF.CA in Canadian Dollars ( $VFF US ADR Listing ) I'm bullish on $CRON $CRON.CA It's been bullish too $CGC Is around its uptrend support and will likely lift, watch $18.25
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