$TWTR came down to its uptrend support trend line as I had expected it would once it broke its former long term support trend line just below $54.00. Bounced off its uptrend support trend line an hour after the open (always nice to see validation) but tested into the support before returning to the uptrend support trend line for the close at about $51.20.. I'm not sure when Trump's Ban came in but the effect from the news was in the after hours trade.. taking it down to $49.50 which would be a natural support price level and near an established level. We will see what happens Monday, I'm curious to see if it returns to the uptrend support trend line which will be at about $51.35 at the open to $51.40 at the close. Possibly it supports and lifts.. But may test the trend line as resistance and roll lower to the next support trend line at just above $41.00.. will likely flag or stall on its sub-trend line around $45.00.. If it chooses to go south.. (Algorithms Choose)