$EDSA Newbies: market cap less than $100m instead of $1B right now? EBO5 stops ARDS! EUA & phase III news coming. "POSITIVE PH2 RESULTS (not just the sub segment) In phase III Standard of care. Few meaningful treatments, other than supplemental oxygen & mechanical ventilation Disease incidence prior to COVID-19 10% of ICU admissions 3 million patients globally/year 75,000 deaths annually in US" approx. $2500 per dose Billions$$ Substantial evidence that multiple causes of ARDS are mediated by the TLR4 pathway Strong efficacy signal for 28-day mortality 360 subjects..now over 600 easy Phase 2 – preemptively unblinded by monitoring board Critically ill patient segment 28-day death rate of 14.3% (2/14) in the EB05 arm vs. 36.8% (7/19) in the placebo arm Data Monitoring Board Recommends Unblinding and Continuing Enrollment 68.5% reduction in the risk of dying (HR: 3.17 placebo vs. EB05; 95% CI: 0.66-15.35; p=0.15)