$HBAR.X $BRG.X DO NOT view this as spam, but rather a strategic relationship between smart investors in an undervalued layer 1 (Hedera) and a misunderstood “shitcoin” that is really the next great swap in DeFi. I think if some smart Hedera investors want a shorter term 20-30X and very real six-figure/year dividends, you should take a look here. You may get a memecoin vibe because the community is so damn passionate but behind that is a sophisticated platform being built and tokenomics any savvy investor would dream of. You can believe me or not. Disclaimer: I hold 1,075,000 Bridges. I sold 125,000 Bridges to create chart movement and get closer to anti whale cap. I used to hold 200,000 Hbars At an average of $0.42 but sold in mid 30’s. I’ll be back in future. We can both win BIG and I mean that.