$EFIR another PR needs to be done to give an update to the investors. If it is going to be another 4 weeks let us know. Right now we are stagnant. The only direction is down because the hands that are holding will take the loss to save what they can. I have 13 million shares in this. My concern is that it drops and the best case scenario is that once financials do hit we will only go up to here. I want it to start from here and increase to 1 cent, thought I wouldn't mind seeing a dollar. They are moving in the right direction, new website, showing the other organizations that they are associated with. Gas and Oil are becoming financially viable again in the US since the shutting down of the pipelines from Canada. The Gulf is starting to prepare their vessels not only for oil, but also the windfarm programs in the US. Efir needs to become current and begin investing in these types of markets. if this happens 1 dollar is not a far fetched figure.