$OPK Excited to see a reasonable boost from ER and guidance - running into 2021. Curb your expectations, this isn't going to miraculously jump to $15 in a month. This is still a LONG hold stock. I'm talking years. I'm holding about 35k shares now, don't see myself selling many in 2020. Unless I run out of diaper money. :) If you're looking for something with faster "action", go continue to lose money on IBIO or similar hyped up nonsense. Go Robin Hood it up on your XSPA and GNUS... and lose all your money. I have no idea why the 4-5 people on this board who think the world revolves around them post so much. Nobody cares about your discord. Nobody cares about your "charts". People care about shared research and discoveries that suggest a course of action for the company.
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