i cant believe how much time @cnbc and others spend analyzing buffet's stock moves (they shouldn't even call them trades). umm psst. no1 can do what he does it just doesn't work as a retail investment thesis. do your own homework and read buffet's letters for education. you and him= NOT $AAPL to aapl
@racernic @SethNovick @CNBC he's definitely not perfect but I find his opinions to be more meaningful than most, I've noticed that in his monrning and evening shows. Wonder why he's like that, I have a feeling its on purpose but who knows. I never trade/invest solely off him but it does add a little conviction when he bless's a buy of mine haha but some of the other people on CNBC...Dan Nathan, Tim Seymour etc....holy moly. I'm sure they've made a killing but some of their calls and opinions have been so wrong this year its been hard for me to even listen to them and take them seriously lol