$CGXEF This has probably been discussed before but how does the Frontera financing situation affect cgx? As i understand it, they were able to get majority ownership for quite a low value and actually kickstart exploration. I keep reading on Stockhouse that Kawa is only 50% funded with the recent frontera loan? Will the next loan come with further dilution. The other note is that the port needs significantly more money ($80M+ to be built). So for it to be a backstop on stock price, would it require further dilution to raise funding? I am analyzing this non comprehensively, but my main takeaways are: - there’s actually only one shot at goal for this not to drop back to .20-.30. If kawa doesn’t hit, the other projects won’t have much impact until much later and after a good chunk of dilution - that said, given ties to gov’t the stock will likely persist and probably shareholders will be somewhat protected from being cut out of the action
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