Read this is you are any bit skeptical about $GHIV , I crunched the numbers💰 UWM is the #1 wholesale mortgage lender, 6 years in a row. 1.45 billion profit in Q3, expecting more in Q4, estimating 6.5 bill in profit 2020, growing as interest rates stay low and housing demand continues. The GHIV merge is for 6% of UWM equaling $390 mill in net profit spread thorough 42.5 mill shares which is an EPS of $9.17 and PE ratio of $1.3 Now let’s looks at $RKT, which is somewhat comparable but UWM deals on the broker side. It is 8% ownership of Rocket equaling $1.28 bill net profit spread through 115.37 mill shares which is an EPS of $11.09 and PE ratio of $1.80. Plugging RKT’s PE ratio of $1.80 into GHIV gives us a share price of $16.50 💴 That is very conservative as I believe that UWM is a better company overall and has better growth potential. I also believe RKT is undervalued to the market as it also very highly profitable, only helping this theory. Jump on before it is too late..
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@Pressureboss305 Post merger float numbers are a mess too, my understanding is that ghiv will have 100mil public shares. Not sure why you're spreading earnings over public float instead of shares outstanding which would be proper.