$TTCF How anyone can trust and listen to a retard degenerate PERMA BULL totally uneducated youtuber who throws his youtube money blindly into stocks while having ZERO idea and I reoeat ZERO idea of geopolitics and geoeconomics. Lives in Las Vegas with total lost of contact with reality and how things stand worldwide. All he knows is posting his face every single day on youtube talking perma bull CRAP things and you guys watch him, give him money and he wastes it blindly. And some of you also follow this guy!! One that has knowledge of economics at least knows there are ups and downs. Learns the ways, the market and so and so forth. This Perma bull attitude that in 20 years if you keep buying the dip you will be multimillionaire is the biggest lie. Life is not like that. Has ups and downs. You might get sick, there might be a war, you might lose your sources of income etc etc. Just stop listening to every degenerate person on youtube.