$I when this is $5+ in a few weeks from now, are these same analysts going to write something saying that they were wrong? Ha. Never happens. One of my first jobs out of college back in the late 80's was with an investment bank. Only last six months because ethically, I didn't like what I was being told to share with the customers when recommending equities etc. One of my uppers basically shared truth is very subjective and easy to frame in a way to remove liability even when a customer loses money off a recommendation from the company. They cared about profit. Period. However they needed to make money they did. This was a few years post the big black Monday crash of 1987, so everything was in flux with new regulations, laws and such but this company didn't really care... That mind set still plays out today with the shit firms of JP Morgan and Goldman's. Goldman Sachs Defrauds investors in 2008 market crash and still gets $10 billion in gov't bailout. Crooked system for sure.
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