$CVM MRNA vaccine news has caused every other Biotech to fall in price because MRNA vaccine is much better than others that are being tested, not just from 94% efficacy, but because it can be stored and transported easily at a regular fridge temperatures. Because of low volume CVM is selling off in sympathy today. The increase of COVID cases world wide will delay the data release at least until next year. The phase 3 study was done in 20+ different countries. Some of them are poor and have no way of continuing research/lab work. Thus the data now is unobtainable. Vaccines are projected to begin being distributed to general population by May-June. So I'd expect the Phase 3 data to get completed and released buy July/August 2021. The amount of time it has taken 9.5 years and independent CRO suggesting to continue for so long are pointing to very positive results. My guess we should probably see $30-50 PT by the end of summer 2021 and $70-80 by end of 2021 with FDA approval.
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