I'm constantly seeing @MrDayTraitor posting that only by jumping into select trades, you can set yourself up real nice. Let's assume your target is to double your money (100% gain each trade). If you're to take the maximum risk and truly trade like a champion? You can have a quarter of a million dollars in your trading account after just 8 trades and over 1 million after 10 trades. Trade 1: 2000 Trade 2: 4000 Trade 3: 8000 Trade 4: 16000 Trade 5: 32000 Trade 6: 64000 Trade 7: 128000 Trade 8: 256000 Trade 9: 512000 Trade 10: 1024000 Again, this assumes you always bet max and are always locking in profits at 100% and setting tight stops. Is it possible? 100%. If you bet half of your gains after each win, you're looking at 16 or so trades, if I'm not mistake. Point is, you're not running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I honestly feel like swinging is better for 99% of people out there. Especially people with full time job / kids. Work smarter not harder.