$NOVN let's just stay above that 72c range and we'll be all set. Tomorrow could be a good day to load more if we get a pullback. But still, watch as this could be a new level of support at about 83c. $PTE should hold support above 1.68. If not, look to enter around 1.54 for a swing. $OGEN still waiting to see if 1.20's holds. It looks like it will and if I was going to enter, I'd hope to catch in at the 1.20's. Nevertheless, 1.30 - 1.32 would also be a solid entry with a stop at 1.21. I'm swinging all of these plays and paper trading while day trading in the mean time and until I'm 100% confident in my day trading game. (For every great call, I catch a falling knife. I need to be more disciplined) Tomorrow, I'm really looking to trade $ASNA long either on a morning dip or breakout. We'll see what else the PM tomorrow shows. Have a great night everyone.
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