$PPBT So, some things to point out regarding the revelation of the site. Something is seriously off here. The site, to me, doesn’t look prepped for a launch. Not far off, but it looks like it still needs a few touches. Furthermore, why not launch the site with news regarding its launch while keeping Kitov’s site open? Does Kitov’s site even redirect there? Nope. It doesn’t. The other thing is, if they’re genuinely going at this alone, either Consensi is selling better than Toilet Paper during COViD or Isaac is one hell of a stripper/male escort on the side. To be fully funded for both these trials is a tad bit absurd and how did they get this trials for NT219 started at lighting pace while it took weeks(since the official name change) to build a site. Something is not right here still. And I would generally be skeptical about it being a good thing, except for the rampant, ridiculous manipulation. It is so disgustingly flagrant that it makes me ill.
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