$AMC Has the audacity to bash Amc While pumping a shit stock like Sndl
@stirly there are uneducated individuals masquerading as investor in $AMC who thinks this bankrupt POS will hit $500 under the guise of short squeeze yet not fully grasping how the technical of that works. These gullible pups are pigs who will get slaughtered for being greedy. Fact that these people YOLOing into nonsense specially when they wouldn't personally go see single remake of remake of bad movies in theaters. But sit home illegally download bad shitty screener while eating doritos and drinking mtn dew will get what's coming as they get decimated.
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@Prometheus3 low caliber Trader I'll leave you be, that's your punishment for being clueless. If you had a clue you wouldn't have said that nonsense. Hint: search my history πŸ˜„