$DWAC don't forget, the bulls buying this are the same people that bought all the horse paste in feed stores, no smart money behind this, get out while you can
@NPCLibtardLowIQ @Trump__Lost__LOL Don’t listen to this troll. He post the same memes and same things to everyone. Just some racist troll who hates the world because he never could make it so it’s easier for him to blame Trump than accept responsibility for his own failure of a life. It’s a liberal disease. It’s the real pandemic. Helpless people so dependent on the government, they will actually fight and argue with the people trying to help them out of government manufactured oppression. They voted for a career racist politician expecting change hahaha and hate on a career business man who OPENLY IS TRYING TO BRING DOWN THE OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM. But stupid people get brainwashed by mainstream media and then these wackos form in their moms basement. They are the brainless of the earth. The controlled class. They need eradicated.