@0grey0 my thought (hope) is that revenue collected would be used to shore up infrastructure, health care, education to proved more stability for working Americans. Allow people to learn a trade at a community college for free, provide health care safeguards so people aren’t left destitute when they become ill. Long term it is better for our nation. Fix our infrastructure and provide jobs. Some call it socialism but I think it’s more a balance. As it is our country is crumbling. So many are desperate. These things cost money initially (tax and spend demcrats) but I think long term will provide a healthier economy
@0grey0 but back to the original point, not sure what exactly could spark a long term sell off in equities and move to more stable assets.. rising interest rates, increase in capital gains tax/corporate tax, strong dollar. Just trying to think ahead what the macro catalysts could be, what to watch for... is it just me or does it seem that in some way markets are becoming almost a monster? The rise of zero cost brokerages may be one factor and everyone at home in their pjs trading. If America gets back to work that could affect it too. I dunno, I just see these super sharp V’s and wonder, why the hell are markets acting the way they do?
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