$CVM I want to remind people that we picked up a lot of short interest when we hit the 4s and we've never gotten back to that price for them to cover. The interest on their borrowing has made it so that this has to go to 3 or lower for them to break even now. They are pissed at the longs even tho we did nothing but warn them about potential 20x gains due to buyout potential being in the 10s of Billlions. It's sad, but it's what happens when you listen to pump and dump news letters without doing your own due diligence. They made a bet with very little upside, and huge downside. Their risk reward was totally wrong. They have been tenacious, but they'll be forced to exit the trade in the next 4 to 8 months due to borrowing cost eating every penny of potential profit. I could list a dozen of these short's screen shots, they haven't been correct a single time. They've lost millions tens to hundreds of thousands each, and millions in aggregate. #sad
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