$CVM message volume is way up. If we could just turn the sentiment positive we'd hit 9 EOD. Why all this fear of shorts? A rumor that they will attack? With what? The 20% of the float they borrowed back at $6 per share? The 50 million they've already tossed down the drain? The 20M they've burned in borrowing cost over the last year?? If you are going to short cvm predata you do it at $15 where there is proper valuation for a p3 biotech so you don't have to fight the headwinds of value investors and the 200ma. Don't be scared of these clowns. They would fuck up a wet dream. The small bit of price fluctuation we are seeing is just warrant exercises. We are absorbing all of it because of cvm's BDE and market makers are constantly working with the demand of institutional buyers these days. I fucking dare these chumps to try to take it to 7. Me and tutes will buy every share they have and hold those till 200 as well. I don't buy the short attack narrative these days.
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