@Opceptional @Freddie_M that's the real data though. He's not making stuff up or disregarding things. And regardless of population, our rate of change is higher, which means our containment strategies are the weakest. That's independent of population. And that's easy to see.. you have leaders taking it seriously with Nationwide lockdown. Italy and uk and sk and japan are in total lockdown. Have been for days or weeks. Where do we have total lockdown? 1 city? 2 cities? 3 Democratic cities? What about the 500 other cities??? We don't have a national lockdown because our leader thinks this is the flu. Our hospitals will be over run because we aren't flattening the curve. Thats because tweeting this while just asking nicely for people to stay home if they feel bad didn't work. You can show no symptoms and be contagious. Only a total lock down at least above 80% of population will stop the spread.
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