$ACB so you shorted at 8$ went full retard and lost your ass Now you’re back to spread lies. GTFOH oooofffff rekt
$ACB opened up short position here. In the $8 puts for June monthly opex
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@Pumperhunter and? Your point? I’m still in my short and averaging down. At least I have capital to trade other tickrs ( mainly spy every opex day), but if I have to write it off as a loss no biggie. Not even 10% on my portfolio involved with this trade. Is that all you day all day? Bash those with a different opinion? Last I read you are holding a way bigger bag but not here to go back and forth with a dunce 🤡
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@5God you mean last you read a lie? I’m holding 15k shares below 6usd avg. If the lies diagio spread about my avg. being pre rs that would mean my share count would reflect that as well. So my 15k share now should actually be 180k pre rs. I wish I was that rich. Haters will hate.