$TRNX Does anyone remember that the Taronis gasification unit sale was supposedly already a done deal in December???? Dec 23, 2019 "Taronis Satisfies All Conditions for MagneGas Sales in Turkey" "The initial five unit purchase requires the payment of $18.75 million over four equal installments, with the first cash payment due in full no later than January 16, 2020. The delivery then calls for a second payment to be made by March 14, 2020, with the remaining payments due when the units are ready to ship in April, and upon commissioning in early May." Later, no word was said about why the buyer refused to make the payments to Taronis. Then later, Scott tricked everybody by announcing delivery scheduled for April, fooling investors into believing that was part of the $165 Turkey contract. Suprise!!! It was only a demo unit! Scott strategically forgot to mention that in the press releases just like he keeps forgetting to mention the supposed buyer in the $165M Turkey contract.
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