$AAPL I just responded to a post for the board. The way the democrats want to tax the wealthy. They can not get in If they do. I sell my 2 codx businesses (due to covid) get unemployment after every loan possible 🖕government. Get on public aid and free healthcare. Put everything under my sisters name and let the wealthy republicans support me That’s a bunch of bullshit. Tax the people that went out and hustled to get what they got while the poor sit there and milk the government and we pay. No no no forget that. Is it wrong yes (what I will do) but they can’t keep on pissing on me and say it’s raining. And if you think for one second Biden gets in and they don’t move him out for Harris. You’re blind. I know this isn’t political site but just read a pos that aggravated the F out of me. Bullish on Apple long term or till/if the democrats win.
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