$BBIG this is the last time I will post this because I have yet to get a good response backed by verifiable facts. Please be cautious w this one! Saying Lomo is valued at 5B because to me is a joke. Let me use my more common language that makes sense to me. A company or anything is only as valuable as someone else will pay for it. Vinco purchased Lomo for $120ISH million. Therefore I value Lomo at 120mIllion. No one sells a 5B company for 120million. The third party valuation does anyone one know anything about this company. How much did Vinco pay them to value the company how did they arrive at 5B. I thought the proxy would clarify but that was the dumbest realize to info put out. It told me nothing. Put that 5B valuation on file w SEC might get some attention. That's prob why sketchy CEO Tim was misleading on proxy date and now what they put out basically is like a flyer. Idk be skeptical. Plus CEO of Vinco his track record that's ugh well good at bankrupting investors. ✌️n Gluck!