he loves you he is just bored. Just like those reviews on products where 999 ppl gave good reviews while he was the only one giving smack. Did you make your 1000% challenge? Last I saw I think you said you were at 750%? I think it was you who was doing that challenge.
$ONTX First off afternoon everybody now . Last time I am going to address this guy @MarketTrader007 you got some nerve to bash me and other people on here and quite frankly I am tired of it this childish game has went on long enough. Everyone knows you took my work tried to make money off me and ruin my name here. You are the kind of people I do not like. The reason I stopped coaching people for free is because of people like you. If you want to come at anyone then keep it directed towards me no reason for you to go after @Bubbajoejack1twits or @GreggTwits they are some good friends of mine and I am done talking to you about it now leave people alone and go on about yourself. You can clearly tell you stole my list and tried to profit off of it. Whatever the heck you have against me I don’t care anymore from this day forward and you are going to get banned again off stocktwits. If you have any dignity you will just leave stocktwits for good and stop harassing people on here.
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