$MYOV A somewhat encouraging sign. If you do a search for "Prostate Cancer Drug," an ad for Orgovyx comes up first. Some of us have now been here for a year and we've seen plenty of milestones met for Myovant, but not real shareholder value. Ironically, between insider ownership and institutions, nearly 98% of the shares are locked up. The rest is owned by many of us guys here and Lady French. Myovant's drugs are winners. Management is not. Yet, these institutions seem to be falling over themselves to buy as many shares as possible as quietly as they can. You have to wonder, what is the management team telling Wall Street that they aren't telling us? With a rapid increase of both of Myovant's drugs, perhaps it's now coming into focus for those of us keyboard commandos that are doing our DD as we make personal financial decisions. Many of us have dreams and aspirations for our lives and have put our money on the line here. I'm hoping at some point Sumitomo and management honors that.