$DFFN I’d like to present another option to the perspectives that are commonly expressed here. Be an investor and not a trader. Not as thrilling but takes the timing risk speculation off the table and reduces the analysis to one of only “what” instead of both “what AND when.” Truth is, no one really knows the ups and downs of the markets and when news will be released. You’re also choosing to play against the big boys when you do this. I’d rather spend my time finding what I believe to be undervalued companies. With DFFN, I am convinced that I’m buying a company priced at $55M that’s worth no less than $500M. When? I don’t care. I’ll ride it out based on my research. And, yes, I never invest more than I’m willing to lose and more than I’ll need in the foreseeable future. In this case, it’s 105,000 shares.
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