$AMD $UBER $GIS $VIR $VNET We closed just outside of the SPY forecasted 320-323 range. A nice break of the 200SMA but this should still be a point of resistance this week since there is much uncertainty with the megacap ER this week. Watching closely for the 100SMA crossing the 200SMA like the 50SMA did this morning. Yesterday I gave a weekly sentiment report + a trading playbook for upcoming trades and if you'd like a free copy, send me a note and i'll throw you on the distribution list. You can find my public email in my account. Cheers
@VVtrader tough situation with INTC to make it a technical play since the heavy selling is from institutionals evacuating after ER. The volume is bonkers for its average too. It's also interesting that IV is priced to be lower considering the IV:HV percentile after such a large drop - IV is only 37.33% hah. I will say it's normal for IV to drop after ER but that quick tells me investors/traders are expecting the bottom to be right around the corner here. Technically you should buy in the regression band, somewhere around 48 but this also has the potential to drop to 44 for a double bottom. if 48 doesn't hold i'll be looking to enter this guy at the double bottom ~44
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