ok here's what's up. basically cleaned house this morning to give myself more margin for 2 SS on monday. 9/18 -18p UVXY exited for 0.01 profit but flat due to commission. -70c UVXY were ~90% profit at 0.05. 9/11 SPY -325p* (not 328 as i had thought) were exited ~50% profit. -315p was over 90% profit 9/25 355c was exited for ~45% profit, keeping the 320p short still Oct 380/405 bear call was entered at 355 spot the other week, exiting here for 75% profit. As previously said - the only safe efficient course of action remains to sell the 2 sigma tails the day before expiration, keep the bearish plays on and sell premium against it more than 1 week away from expiration.
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