@madbull51 @worthit99 $SPY No, I just grew up dirt poor, ate dog and cat food to survive without without water and been homeless so I know how easy it is to break out of both those situations and have no sympathy for the hive minded pack rat liberal fascists that worship a weird religion of State and Science. It's very easy to go from homeless to not, when you decide to. I can't stand perfectly capable ppl sitting on their ass all day cashing welfare checks and selling their food stamp cards( at least 20% all food stamps are sold for cash. .25-.50 on the dollar. I'd bet every asset I own on that number in a fucking heartbeat if way to prove it.) I grew up in the shit, climbed out and saw how many are just parasites who live off handouts. I also can't stand the Liberal Fascist Authoritarians. LOL @ Trump fascist. Stupidest thing ever said. Your dumb, stupid, blind and ignorant if you believe that. Nationalism only similarity. Nazi plan could be read at DNC Convention get applause.
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