$SPY I dont give a shit what your feelings are. It's not fake news anymore than Russia Hoax was a hoax. Or all the stupid bitches who lied and said Trump and Kavanaugh raped them, or that Trump colluded with Ukraine....blah blah ....We have a right to watch whatever LEGAL content we choose. That's contract we signed and paid for since 2004. Hitler said his prejudice against Jews was fake news early on too. Hate Speech is defined by those in power. It's a liquid term used to crush anything the power structure doesnt like. Your a 2nd class citizen without social media if you wanna do any business. Just like early Nazi actions towards Jews. Exact same thing happening since 2016 when Twitter banned Milo and they got away with it.
@QuantumSense it’s a fake news video what’s the problem? UFOs have more evidence and are a better conspiracy theory
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