$SPY Moment of Truth. Hourly chart has reset and is recompressed. Do we... 1. Just roll from here 2. RIP to 325 and fail RIP to 330 and fail Or 4. Blow past 330 and unexpected event happens and catches shorts shorting 330 with pants down and we RIP to 350? Will be a fun week. Shits getting serious yall. Real fighting about to break out. Ppl running around playing gangster and shooting ppl they dont like. 99% time their MAGA getting shot at. Shits about to get real. All these kids think this shits a game. But their getting close to having the Sheep Dogs come out and start ripping mother fuckers throats out. This isnt a fucking airsoft larp. This is real life and it's one thing to get hit with airsoft bnd, when you see lead putting holes in ppl and homemade explosives blowing limbs off, shit isn't funny or exciting anymore. I suggest everyone make sure your armed up and stocked to survive a few months. This isnt a game. Shits going down. Ppl trying to conquer us.
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