$AIMT If you think Nestle is truly shorting this then you’re a follower & you do not know how to read SEC filings or how to do in-depth research. Furthermore it shows you haven’t emailed or called the company about your concerns, but choose to just sit behind the keyboard scratching your head on why the stock trades sideways. What propels someone to invest in a company but not do their due diligence? Then y’all wonder why the stock doesn’t go up. Because y’all sit behind a keyboard & complain in a public forum about the stock. There are reasons it’s been held down. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand. Stock isn’t moving until shorts let up. They won’t let up until DBVT gets CRL. Then they will, due to fear of buyout. November 2020 the agreement ends, open season. Buy shares, trade options, stop complaining. Y’all complain when it trades sideways, complain when it skyrockets saying you wished you bought more shares, then it drops & you complain you didn’t sell. For fks sake.
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