@FrostedTrader Wankstain Hobbledehoy, ADD is a bitch. You know you went back and read the rest. ADHD. I planned for that already (MOPE) as the most important stuff is in the first 2 sentences. I assumed that you're a low IQ individual with validation issues, ADHD, and a small bladder. We hear your cry for help and we affirm you. Here's a blanket, you're in a safe space here at StockTwists. psychologytoday.com/us/blog... "The fears that negative people harbor manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including: A thin skin, small bladder, judgmentalism, or the tendency to impute negative motivations to others’ innocent actions; Diffidence: A sense of helplessness about one’s ability to deal with life’s challenges, leading to anxiety in facing those challenges, and to shame or guilt when the challenges are not met. Demanding nature, Pessimism, Risk Aversion and the need to control others." There's more, but I've exceeded your processing and memory limits for the day.