$GVSI OTC Markets currently quotes about 17,000 tickers. About 7,000, or 40% of those tickers are listed as CE, Grey Market or No Information. The scams will be soon be basically un-tradeable and money flow will continue out of those tickers and in to quality, legit tickers like Sharps. Where will most of that “River Boat” money land? My guess is in tickers like GVSI, as Sharp, even after all the negative BS he took this past week, is a proven commodity and has stated he has legitimate assets ready to come public. He’s proven that before. OTC players don’t realize it yet (some here do, giggle) how valuable these tickers like Sharp shells are going to be. Taking 40%, heck say just 25% of the dirty playing field away, makes these tickers more valuable. Bring on the merger Sharp, this will be one for the record books imo.
@sthubert @HokieHead George is a master on the OTC. He will get it done in time. Your thoughts are what I am thinking too. Since many OTC will be defunct, money WILL go to the SOLID OTC, like George Sharp's $GVSI $GOFF $SRNW or go to ones that are currently CURRENT like his own $FORW (which I am hoping and think, he has been buying the above tickers in his FORWARDLY company) or how about putting your money into the incredible $HMBL which George helped bring to us.