$LJPC so back when giapreza was approved vasostrict was like $345M a year that’s bc formularies were making vasostrict illegally and selling to hospitals cheap endp sued fda and won so now formularies aren’t allowed to sell a box of vasostrict runs about $4050 which half or a whole box can b used on single patient so when i saw that i knew they would open doors to giapreza bc it’s better than vasostrict and it could be same price or cheaper because giapreza has NTAP which is new technology add on program hospitals get half cost of giapreza from cms they dont wt vasostrict so endp has like 226M shares outstanding ljpc has 27.4M if we get 40% rev of vasostrict market were golden drug is approved no data risk it’s selling good cash low burn u got a hedge fund running show actual float maybe 1-3M after all this accumulation
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